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  /   August 21, 2019   /   2 min read

Halifax, NS, Canada., August 21, 2019

Sprintbooks offers creative fully customizable notebooks at their website www.sprintbooks.co Customers can customize colors, layouts, branding, and more on the Sprintbooks website to make a personalized and branded notebook perfect for their needs and preferences. Sprintbooks prints on ethically sourced paper and ships to anywhere in North America, and Europe.

Custom designed notebooks from Sprintbooks are perfect for entrepreneurs, designers, developers, artists, managers, consultants, analyst and everyone who wants a unique branded notebook tailor made for them. Custom notebooks can help them prosper by unleashing their creativity and enhancing their thought process. It is an essential productivity enhancing tool for capturing and efficiently organizing ones thoughts and ideas. Ideas comes to life instead of becoming passing dreams when imaginations are captured on crisp white pages of a custom designed notebook.

Chronobook notebook with curling clock

We are excited to be able to offer new products along with our original notebooks,” said Michael Dogan, Founder, Sprintbooks. “Being able to customize a notebook or planner gives our customers a productivity tool they can rely on.

The Bunnybook is the most popular all-purpose notebook from Sprintbooks ideal for tracking daily todo's. The Office Warrior notebooks are Monday to Friday planners suitable for entrepreneurs or corporate workers. Notebooks for freelance designers and product designers can also be customized. The Storybook is designed to be a side-project companion and can be used to capture todo items as they occur, and schedule them in weekly planner.

Special notebooks are available for graphic design, sketching, user experience design and web design. Then there is another layout for project managers. Some of the notebooks are made out of premium grade gsm paper to resist ghosting and bleeding. The Sketchbook is one such notebooks made with quick dry paper resistant to bleeding and ghosting.

Daily Planners and weekly planners are some of the popular product categories from Sprintbooks. Each category of notebook comes with a set of features. For example The Office Warrior notebook comes with the following set of features.

  • Forward planning calendars
  • Project Brief details, milestones, etc
  • 52 Weekly spreads
  • Weekly todo column
  • Two daily must-complete tasks
  • Event schedules
  • Water tracking
  • Weekly deliverables

More information about features for each notebook type can be found on www.sprintbook.co Sprintbooks prints and ships the custom notebook within 72 hrs after customers place a customized notebook order on their website.

About Sprintbooks:

Sprintbooks is a Halifax, Canada based notebook company designing and selling customizable and brandable notebooks. Sprintbooks produces custom notebooks ideally suited for anyone interested in professional designer-made layouts. Sprintbooks allows customers to choose layouts, colors, branding, and more on their website to build and brand custom notebooks. Sprintbooks was created by Michael Dogan, an internet entrepreneur and graphic designer, who first used his design experiences to design a notebook perfectly suited for his needs as a freelancer. Once other people saw what he had created, they wanted their own custom notebooks and Sprintbooks was born.

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