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Best Seller:
All-Purpose Planner
Goals Todo/Meetings Notes


7-Day Planner / 140 pages

Our most popular all-purpose notebook consisting of weekly two-page spreads for tracking your daily todo's. Plus, capture goals on the left-page and notes on the right.

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Best Seller:
Monday to Friday Planner
Todo/Meetings Deliverables

Office Warrior

5-Day Planner / 140 pages

The Monday to Friday (no weekends!) planner with forward section for Project Briefs, and two-page spreads with room for deliverables. Perfect for entrepreneur's or corporate savvy.

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Side-Project Book
Agile tasks Notes


Passion Project / 140 pages

A dedicated get-it-done notebook for passion projects. Capture todo items as they occur to you in a forward section and schedule them in weekly two-page spreads.

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Daily events Notes


Daily Schedule / 177 pages

An 18hr 'curled clock' on the left page for meetings and appointments. On the right-page, capture notes, todo's, and goals. Good for those with a very structured day.

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Bullet Journal
Keys + Index Dot-grid layout

Standard Bujo

Bullet Journal / 177 pages

Our dot-grid bujo — Keep on top of your life with as little or as much detail as you need. Includes a table-of-contents, goal tracker, and forward planner — all on a 5mm dot-grid with light clean dots.

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Drawing: Client meetings:

Graphic Designer

Project Book / 140 pages

A no-nonsense book for freelance creative pro's that tracks requirements and deliverables on the left-hand page, with room to draw (or thumbnail sketch) on the right-hand page in a dot-grid.

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Calendars that start all year!

We start all of our calendars in our Planners to when you buy it. It'll go the full year, so you can just do your thing.


Notebooks with jobs
starting at  50  $44 CAD:

2-Day Column Planner (each page has two days) with room for 5 todo items per day.

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7-Day Planner in Weekly spreads with room for deliverables.

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6-Day Planner on the left-hand-page paired with a 5mm dot-grid page on the right.

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Landscape notebook with various device wireframes.

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App Designer
Landscape UX Notebook with persona, journey, and QA notes.

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Art + Design
Landscape lined notebook on left with blank sketching pages on right.

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“I decided to go totally custom and created a unique weekly planner with dot grid.
My logo is right on the cover, and it gets a lot of attention...”

~ Morgan Ringrose; Freelance Web Developer

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