Calligraphy You Can Roll With

by Michael Dogan
  /   August 14, 2019   /   2 min read

If it's your thing, one of the most satisfying things on this planet is written calligraphy.

Can we learn anything from calligraphy about patience? Can we be a better, more productive person by learning calligraphy? We think yes, but while I cannot 'do' calligraphy myself, we can agree that it sure is education and fun to see.

Here's our Top 5 Reddit posts on the subject:

No. 1: Yanny or Laurel?

I see Yanny, but it's amazing how much you can see Laurel, or even Yauvey?

No. 2: So I replicated my diploma by hand

This person replicated their whole diploma by hand in a notebook! They say in the post that their family lives in China while they live in the US. They wanted to replicate their diploma to send to the parents. Very impressive and noble, but I'm curious how long this endeavour took?

No. 3: Don't mess with magikarp!

We like this one because it's a little bit different, and not your standard bog calligraphy everyone strives for. Sort of reminds me of the font Trajan that many film posters are made in.

No. 4: I had to calligraph this in memoriam

A very fitting tribute to the little (size of a car) Mars rover when it lost power after a particularly bad Martian dust storm. Of course it relayed this message in more of a log format, but that doesn't mean we can't extrude some emotion from the little Opportunity rover.

No. 5: New confetti letter style for birthday cards!

Oh wow, this is a cool one. Again, not your typical calligraphy and penmanship. This is a wonderful balance of color, and content across this notebook page. Not much to say really, other than that we love it!

Now let's see a couple bonus posts that really buttered our biscuits!...

Summertime watermelon - gradient practice

Don't care if it's early, I'm excited

I thought this one turned out nicely


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by Michael Dogan