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We live so much of our lives online—meetings, messages, and notes. But there’s something about the physical connection of putting pen to paper—and the way we touch, feel, and interact with our ideas that can’t be replicated by any app on a screen. Sprintbooks exists to help bridge the gap between your creative imagination and how your ideas come to life—on smooth, premium bright-white paper. We even take this approach to our planners—not just a calendar, but a tangible partner for your creative expression and personal growth journey.

Upping the organization game

With a suite of fully customizable notebooks, there’s a book for everyone and every job. Sprintbooks offers the flexibility to express ideas in the way that makes the most sense for you. Designers, developers, artists, to-do listers, goal-setters, and everyone in between now finally have a tool that can be customized so they can shine.

We hope you enjoy your notebook as much as we enjoyed crafting it.


Michael Dogan


Being someone who has come from design in the tech industry, Michael has always been fascinated with solving problems.

After searching for a notebook that could properly capture his ideas and coming up short, Michael used his design experiences to take matters into his own hands: By designing a notebook perfectly suited for his needs as a freelancer. Once other people saw what he had created, they started asking for their own custom notebooks and Sprintbooks was born.

An internet entrepreneur and graphic designer by trade, Michael is passionate about helping people connect with their ideas. He believes notebooks can be a window into our past, present, and future—a journey he personally enjoys taking by flipping through his anthology of old notebooks.

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