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Two-page weekly spreads (7-day)

Our most popular all-purpose notebook consisting of weekly two-page spreads for tracking your daily todo's. Plus, capture goals on the left-page and notes on the right.

Events: •••Tasks: •••Goals: •••

Two-page weekly spreads (7-day)

A dedicated get-it-done notebook for passion projects. Capture todo items as they occur to you in a forward section. Schedule them in weekly two-page spreads.

Events: Tasks: •••••Goals: •••••
Office Warrior

Two-page weekly spreads (5-day)

The Monday to Friday (no weekends here!) planner with forward section for Project Briefs, and two-page spreads with room for weekly deliverables. Perfect for the entrepreneur or corporate savvy.

Deliverables: •••Events/Tasks: •••••

Daily appointment and notes

An 18hr 'curled clock' on the left page for meetings and appointments. On the right-page, capture notes, todo's, and goals. Good for those with a very structured day.

Events: •••••Todo: •••Notes: •••

Free-form bullet journal

Our dot-grid bujo — Keep on top of your life with as little or as much detail as you need. Add a table-of-contents, goal tracker, and forward planner with options below.

Events: •••Tasks: •••Goals: •••
Freelance Designer

Project notes and sketchbook

A no-nonsense book for freelance creative pro's that tracks requirements and deliverables on the left-hand page, with room to draw (or thumbnail sketch) on the right-hand page in a dot-grid.

Deliverables: ••••Sketch/Draw: ••••••
Product Designer

Multiple section workbook

A workbook with multiple sections for capturing personas, journeys, Meetings, and Surveys + Observations + Interviews. A section for UI wireframes is also included.

Persona/Journey: ••••UX: •••••

Create up to 3 sections of your ideal notebook with access to all of our professional-made designer layouts!

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The write notebook tool.

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The write notebook tool.

Take a FREE Running-rabbit black-wood pencil, when your notebook + options are valued $59 CAD or over.

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